Jadin Bell

Never forget.
RIP Jadin


So busy

I haven’t written for ages.
I have things to put here but just not the time.
Hopefully I’ll update this space at the weekend.

Good music for my mood

Thought of the day

And then

Today I cried

This is one of the most emotive and powerful self-made videos I have ever seen, in fact its probably THE most.

It’s quite long, and those of you unsentimental may decide to stray away, buy try and stick the course.

It made me cry.

It made me angry.

There is no happy ending.

My step-grandad

My step-grandad

This is one of the earliest photos of my step-grandad, though actually a man I knew more as a grandad. He is pictured in the front row (I guess you could call it centre), huge grin on his face with his rifle resting along his leg (a black dot marks his leg – unfortunately).

A gripe about a rip-off

A short Sunday rant.

Today, as is pretty normal for me I went to my local shop to purchase a range of goods. My local is very convenient being about a 2 minute from my house. It’s a pretty normal local shop, nothing fresh except milk and bread, frozen food you really take your life in your hands with, a selection of household items and a massive selection of booze, fags and sweets.

I use this shop regularly, at the very least 4-5 times a week buying tobacco, milk, bread, sweets, occasional booze, pet foods and lottery tickets. Oh and cleaning stuff – loo roll and bleach spray.

Today I spent £20 on an assortment of general stuff and did as I always do, inserted my card in the little reader when the nice man behind the counter advised “70 pence charge for card.”

Er, what?

“70 pence charge for card. Bank charges have gone up.”

Now I’m not an idiot. I know how these things work. I know it doesn’t cost 70 pence a transaction, or even 3.5% of my bill.

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