Life is good

At this moment in time life feels really good. Almost too good.

I am a worrier. Therefore when things are this good my first reaction is to wonder what I might have forgotten. The next reaction is to think something is coming, something to shatter the good feeling and put balance back in my life.

But recently, and I mean in the last week something has changed.

Through Twitter, and later through blogs I have come into contact with three remarkable people. While our contact has only been via the limited methods available by social media these three people have awakened me from a self righteous position of self loathing and worry to one where as with the vast majority of people in this country I should be grateful for what I have got.

The three in question, have all faced a monumental life changing personal crisis, and have found a way to not only live with it, but to help others facing a similar situation. Additionally they have raised awareness to a wider audience the situation that had for whatever reason has slipped from society’s mind.

The subject is HIV. As a gay man, in a loving relationship for the last 11 years HIV has played no part in my life. My ignorance was such that I can honestly say that I don’t think my boyfriend and I have talked about the subject once in those 11 years.

My awakening, courtesy of these three ordinary yet in my eyes remarkable men has given me a new perspective on life, and my attitudes to certain aspects of it.

If you want to see what I am talking about just visit their blogs:



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