About me

To whoever or whatever might read this. Greetings.

I am human. I am what we call male, though this has been open to discussion.

I have no fame. Nor do I have wealth. No power do I can command. Therefore if as I hope you are reading this with a view to making contact, you may judge that your interest will be better served elsewhere.

I was born in the early 1970s. By birthplace is a small fishing town. My childhood home a major industrial city. I strive to live without accent, though alcohol pushes aside such discipline.

I am a geek. This is neither a religion or a race, but a label oft used to deride. I am proud to say I am.

I work full time. But I have two jobs. One I despise, the other I love. One day the job I love shall consume the one I hate and I shall be happier.

I am married in all but the legality that my country demands of it. I am complete. Almost.


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